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Man, does this company SUCK with a capital S!I made an order originally in October of 2006.

They STILL have yet to deliver it. They have refused to reply on my numerous e-mails, so I made a complaint on another website. They found out about it, and asked that I take the complaint off and they would send me my order. So I took it off, and this is now numerous months ago, and STILL they have refused to send me my order!

They are located in India. They owe me over $700.00 US dollars! "Deepak" simply refuses to answer any e-mails about the account, and thinks that way he will not have to deal with it.

He has a nasty surprise coming to him!

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Hi, I wanted to say that you were not the only person screwed by this crooked company.I put up blogs to warn consumers about this company as well.

I had fought for a period of 4 months with Deepak and he wouldn't return emails and never once did thier company contact phone number pick up!! I purchased through visa and told them that I didn'r receive my order. If they would not reimbourse me, I warned them I would switch credit card companies.

On that note, I was reimboursed everything other than the shipping & handling.Perhaps you could try the same?

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